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How to change jobs in difficult times: seven top tips

The crisis is not the best time to look for a new job, and HR-specialists recommend not taking any drastic steps, choosing in favor of stability. But sometimes life dictates its own terms, and it is still necessary to look for a new job. We have collected tips for those who are in search of work.

Is it really that bad?

Ask yourself three simple questions before you write your resignation letter. “Will I be able to find another job quickly with a similar or higher income?” – We recommend researching job openings in the marketplace to answer this one. “Will I be better off elsewhere?” – If you are running away not from work, but from yourself, it is not a job change, but a psychologist that will help solve the problem. “How valuable an employee am I?” – Hardly anyone would argue that the crisis continues, and further cuts in companies can not be ruled out. And it’s the new employees who are the first to be cut.

Prepare your sledges in the summer.

A layoff or a pay cut can happen all of a sudden. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a financial cushion – to set aside a small amount from each salary. The end result should be a margin of safety for three to six months of unemployment. You should not put this money into risky types of savings; it is better to open a deposit with the possibility of partial withdrawal at any time.

Several sources of income

Experts in finance recommend forming your income from several sources. Then even if you lose your main job, you will not be left without a livelihood. This can be a part-time job, interest on the deposit, rental income from real estate, and so on. So do not turn down modest proposals for additional work, even if you are doing well – now it is better to multi-task.

Don’t go nowhere.

If you have been told in advance that you are going to be laid off or if you are leaving on your own initiative, then start looking for a job – finding “your” place can take several months. Explore job search sites in NY and other regions, such as, visit a career advisor, select a pool of companies where you would like to work and keep an eye on their vacancies. That way your chances of a quick and good job will increase.

Don’t wait by the sea

In times of crisis, the search for your dream job can take a long time. But do not sit at home for months, feeling sorry for yourself and going into debt. There’s nothing wrong with temporarily taking on part-time work as a courier, cab driver, order picker and so on – even a modest income will be an invaluable moral support not only for you but also for your loved ones. In parallel, you can get on the labor exchange and receive a small but steady payout.

First impression

Revise your resume, do not forget to add to it a description of the projects that you implemented in the previous place of work, and their benefits. The employer always sees how seriously the job seeker takes it. Therefore write a cover letter to the resume describing why you are interested in working for this particular company. Respond quickly – so you have a better chance of getting in the first wave of interviews. It is equally important to prepare for the interview – study the information about the company, write a short story about yourself and answers to uncomfortable questions.

Time for growth

A job problem during a crisis can be a reason for reflection and further development. Analyze what competencies you lack and try to fill the gaps. And yet the suddenly released time can be spent on obtaining additional education and learning foreign languages. By the way, residents of NY can get up to 50 thousand dollars to start their own business within the framework of a social contract. Perhaps you have always dreamed of being your own boss and now is the time?

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