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What are non-standard resumes: applicants for which jobs should make creative resume

Creative, graphic, and video resumes are considered to be non-standard types of self-presentation. Creative ones are distinguished from the others by interesting design. For this purpose, the author uses different colors, graphics, photo materials, etc.

It not only attracts employers with its unusual form, but also allows them to get to know the applicant’s talents, artistic tastes, and capabilities in absentia. It is usually used by those looking for jobs in creative professions: designers, graphic artists, etc.

A graphic resume uses elements of visual or visual presentation of information. Infographics – charts, graphs, road signs, signposts, geographic maps – are indispensable when you need to quickly and easily convey voluminous or complex information to the consumer.

A video resume is a short (maximum 3 min) video in which the job applicant tells important information about himself and expresses the arguments why he wants to take a particular position. What is its advantage? First, it allows the potential employer to create an impression of the candidate, to see how he looks and presents professional skills and experience.

Secondly, because of the video, the applicant has an opportunity to bypass preliminary meetings with representatives of personnel services and has a chance to be invited for an interview directly with the future head.

Thirdly, the video resume allows you to assess your strengths and weaknesses from the outside and take timely corrective measures.

Fourthly, this way of self-presentation is useful for graduates or applicants with little professional experience. They do not have many career achievements, and the unusual format of presenting information will attract the employer.

Fifth, video resumes are useful for job searches in another area, state, or when a person has found a viable employment option through a remote job search.

Applicants for which jobs it is advisable to record a video resume

First of all such presentation will be necessary for workers whose professional activity is connected with communication, in particular:

  • office employees (administrator, secretary, office manager),
  • employees of human resources services (human resources manager, recruiter),
  • managers (manager, director),
  • specialists in the field of RR,
  • marketing, advertising,
  • Those who are engaged in sales (manager, commercial director, sales representative,
  • supervisor, salesroom administrator), specialists in insurance and real estate transactions.

It is desirable to record a video resume for representatives of “creative professions”: designers, blacksmiths, seamstresses, hairdressers, cooks, manicure masters, florists, florists, etc.

After all, you can show your own works of art in a video presentation, and comment behind the scenes on the process of creating a product, applying innovative methods, etc.

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